Ebony Sonshine Inc.
Preserving Childhood Dreams & Youthful Optimism
Impacting Communities of the Nation's Capital ... One Life At A Time!
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Booker T. Washington stated:
"A sure way to lift oneself up is by helping to lift someone else"
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What kind of "Hands"  will you provide? If you posses any of these characteristics and are interested in helping us build this legacy for our children and youth, please click the Contact Us tab, complete the form & submit.  We welcome your assistance.

"Giving Hands"

"Giving Hands" are individual members who are willing to support the organization on a regular basis with monthly financial contributions.  They are our seed sowers into the mission and vision of ESI.  Their specific purpose and function is valuable to the organization.  they are continuously given back into the children and youth of the next generation through their monthly contributions no matter what the amount may be.  Thanks for becoming a "Giving Hands".  

"Helping Hands"

"Helping Hands" are individual volunteer members who's willing to help to build a safe and fun environment for our legacy - "OUR CHILDREN".  Individual sharing their valuable time, skill, and efforts to provide administrative and program support.  Whether it's one day a week, one hour a day or one afternoon a year, and/or one event for the good of the children and youth.  As a "Helping Hands" one must be able to work alone or in a group, must have a friendly and pleasant personality, must be a responsible person, and most of all be willing to Help our legacy - "OUR CHILDREN".  You can HELP!

"Serving Hands"

"Serving Hands" are student members who want to share their talents and skills with their peers through ESI's Outreach Educational Theater programs.  We offer community services hours for your service and participation.  Let's provide a positive peer pressure and have fun learning, sharing and giving while earning.  "Serving Hands" are willing  to help in shaping not only their future but their generation.

TEAMWORK - - "Together we can achieve the extraordinary"

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