Ebony Sonshine Inc.
Preserving Childhood Dreams & Youthful Optimism
Impacting Communities of the Nation's Capital ... One Life At A Time!
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Our programs are designed and dedicated to serving our community children and youth by providing them with a valuable service.  Our participants enjoy all the perks of our programs.  We are growing at a steady pace.  With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community.  

You have enter the online registration/fee process for any of ESI's programs, activities, and/or events.  You will need the activity/program/event name and your contribution amount.

If you have any problem with the online registration/fee system, email us:

We welcome you with open arms.
Two Step Registration/Fee Process:

(1)  Your registration/fee contribution is done through the PayPal system by clicking on the Donate button and entering your amount.

(2)   Once you have made your contribution, it's important that you return to this website, click on the Contact Us tab to complete & submit the registration form.

This completes the online registration/fee process.  Thanks for participating in our activities.
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